Brian petsos kristen wiig dating

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We’re like Melrose Place without the murder.” On what she does with her downtime: “Can you shoot up crack?Whatever you do with crack, online shopping is better than shooting up crack.” Bridesmaids funny girl Kristen Wiig reveals her sexy side in a racy lingerie shoot Her Bridesmaids co-star and close friend Jon Hamm may describe her as 'incredibly shy'.

Our insider says Wiig and Moretti “were openly all over each other.” When a photographer went to snap their picture together, “she freaked out.” The source says Wiig looked both ways, as if trying to find an escape route, and in a chivalrous move the 31-year-old drummer “covered her with a coat” to block her face from the flashes.

But Kristen Wiig is anything but in a sexy new photo shoot for the US edition of GQ magazine.

The 38-year-old Saturday Night Live star slips into some lacy lingerie for the publication's December issue.

'It was inspiring to watch Kristen quarterback the team, be the cheerleader and decision maker, and then get in front of the camera and be hilarious...' he says.

'For a lot of comics, there's a persona they're not comfortable revealing unless they're performing.

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