Christian dating physical attraction

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I wanted to be attracted to my wife before I married her and I definitely was.I also had feelings of love and attachment to her before I proposed.

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I am not commanded to feel attracted to my wife either, only to love her with the actions of love God has defined for a husband and wife.God commands husbands and wives to have an unconditional love(Agape) toward one another in the covenant of marriage.What this means on a practical level is, I am supposed to be patient and kind to my wife no matter what she does.But two things bothered me reading this piece: 1) I disagree that physical attraction isn’t a valid consideration when searching out a spouse (as long as it’s taste you’re considering, and not society’s); and 2) The fact that she was blown away by the very idea that dating a non-conventionally attractive person could be okay says something troubling about the Instagram generation.(Are they really just as shallow as they’ve been made out to be?

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