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Everyone has one sad tale or the other to tell in life.

While some are self inflicted, others are as a result of the deceptions and wickedness of men.

Reports have it that the man came crawling back years later begging for forgiveness and seeking for love from both Genevieve and the daughter he abandoned. She discovered it for me and it was too late, we couldn’t do anything and we’re Catholics and I’m glad I didn’t do anything funny really.”Explaining why she didn’t want to commit murder and fornication all at the same time, Genevieve stated that “Getting rid of the pregnancy was an alternative then, but it was too late, because not until I was four months before we discovered it and so it was not what we could do, and my dad was like, ‘it’s a child for Christ’s sake.

Genevieve Nnaji was that young girl of seventeen who after some flings of sexual immorality, discovered, about four months later that she was pregnant. God knows why he wants to bring that child into life”.

Yes, that recently released shot from set has her listed as director of the film (working with prolific Director of Photography, Yinka Edward.) It’s an instantly exciting prospect, particularly given the paucity of Genevieve-related projects in recent times.According to her interview with a news medium years back, it took her mother seven months to discover that her daughter was pregnant. She further explained how she blamed herself thus “I think I was pretty much hard on myself then than my parents or people. My parents reacted the way any parent would react – disappointed. We are Catholics and it’s just that conscience, you do wrong once and doing another would not make the first right.According to Genevieve “The pregnancy was seven months gone before my Catholic mum discovered it. So, you either correct your mistake by doing the right thing.Genevieve rose beyond the heartbreaking disappointment of irresponsible men, taunts of friends, condemnation of close family acquaintances, and disillusioned remarks from church members, to occupy an enviable place in the annals of the entertainment industry in Nigeria.The Abor-Mbaise , Imo State born actress from a middle class parent comprising a banker dad and a teacher mum made news between 19 when she became the wonder girl of Nigeria’s movie industry, Nollywood.

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