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This might be for requests for gas money or bus and airplane tickets to travel to visit the victim, medical expenses, education expenses etc.There is usually the promise that the fictitious character will one day join the victim in the victim's country.The scam usually ends when the victim realizes they are being scammed or stops sending money.Victims can be highly traumatized by this and are often very embarrassed and ashamed when they learn they have become a victim of a scam and that the romance was a farce.The fraud typically involves the scammer acting as if they've quickly fallen for the victim so that when they have the opportunity to ask for money, the victim at that time has become too emotionally involved, and will have deep feelings of guilt if they decline the request for money from the scammer.

The CR survey found that 35 percent of respondents who’ve tried online dating felt they had been grossly misled by someone’s online profile, and 12 percent said they’d been scammed.

“That big investment gives victims a false sense that the relationship must be real.” Eventually a pitch for money comes.

Often the scammer will say an emergency situation has arisen and money is needed fast to avoid dire consequences.

Experts say online daters are always wise to be skeptical regarding what someone they've met online, and not in the flesh, tells them.

Most dating websites—even ones that cost money—don't vet the people who sign up.

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    “That big investment gives victims a false sense that the relationship must be real.” Eventually a pitch for money comes.

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