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4-th phase,” “Promoting independently certain family planning and maternal and child health in Tajikistan,” “Improving food security for mothers and babies in rural areas of Tajikistan,” “Promoting the development of the local economy in selected high-mountain areas.” Additional funds will be directed to the project of “Rehabilitation of the Ak-Su HPP” in the Murghab district.

For 25 years Germany remains Tajikistan's key partner in the field of sustainable development.

In a lofty mountain cul-de-sac at the furthest corner of the former Soviet domain, it still regards tourists as relative novelties.

But this is not to say it doesn´t have a great deal to offer.

If all countries had such a fertility rate, population growth would end.

The actual replacement rate in most developed countries is around 2.1. In "Average intelligence predicts atheism rates across 137 nations" by Lynn et al.

By Kamila Aliyeva Tajikistan and Germany signed agreements on financial cooperation for the period 2016-2017 and on technical cooperation for the period 2016-2017.

The country remains the poorest in the former Soviet sphere.

Bolshevik control of the area was fiercely contested and not fully reestablished until 1925.

Much of present-day Sughd province was transferred from the Uzbek SSR to the newly formed Tajik SSR in 1929.

Tajikistan´s tourism potential is further restricted by long winters and infuriating border closures.

But the marvels of the Wakhan Valley, the starkly beautiful `Roof of the World´ Pamirs and the breathtaking lakes and pinnacles of the Fan Mountains all make Tajikistan arguably Central Asia´s most exciting destination.

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